Referring to the peer review process for student websites, please state three changes you would recommend for your peer’s website and justify reasons for those changes.
Citing the text for specific supportive evidence, name one positive aspect and one negative aspect that influenced your adolescent development.

I reviewed a colleague’s blog post in class. The blog was very well structured. I had a few suggestions to make this excellent blog even better and more appealing to employers. One thing the blog post did not have was a contact page, although there was a resume. I would add the contact page just to give employers more information about the person. The contact page can include additional emails or social media links. Another suggestion is to add a photo so employers can see what you look like. I would also add a page with experience or special projects that the person has done in their professional career.

One positive aspect of my adolescence would be my relationship with my step-mother. The text explains how adolescence is often a time when children and parents do not see eye to eye. But my relationship with my step-mother helped me through the difficult adolescent  times and experiences.  She served as an outlet for me to express how I feel and talk about anything, anytime. My own mother was not as understanding. One negative aspect that influenced my development were my peers and environment. In the town where I grew up there was not much for teens or kids to do. So trouble was always in the forecast. To be accepted, sometimes I had to pretend to be a person that I was not to be liked and feel accepted.


Reflecting on our mid-term class self-assessment and mutual problem solving exercise, name at least one thing that YOU will do for the rest of the semester in this course to contribute to your personal learning experience and at least one thing that you will contribute to the collaborative learning experience.

One thing that I can do to contribute to my personal learning is read the chapters sooner in the week, I find myself waiting until a day or two before class to actually read the chapter. In doing this, I find it difficult to retain the information needed since each chapter contains a vast amount of information. Along with reading the chapter earlier int he week, I also need to manage my time better to be able to do this. Working full time,  being a parent and spouse and going to school is very challenging.

One thing I can do to contribute to the collaborative learning experience is to think more positively and try to understand other people’s point of view. I often find myself overwhelmed with the amount of material for the class and my thoughts are not always positive. I can also learn from my peers and their opinions even if they are different form my own. I want to be able to have more of an open mind and think more positively about the course and materials to enhance my learning experience and the experience of others.


Reflecting on specific gender messages in your culture, clearly name 2 messages that are restrictive and 2 that inspire inclusivity.

Cite at least one supporting example from the text as evidence for your ideas.

In the United States, society formulates gender roles. In my cultures, like many others, males are seen as dominant and have the ability to to solve complex problems. For example, males are seen to be good at math because of this idea. Also males (boys) are the ones who are encouraged to play rough, but this not something that is acceptable for females (girls) as they are to be lady-like and not rough. There are also gender message that inspire inclusivity like . In American culture, individualism is encouraged. The text states that often children in the U.S. are encouraged to seek fairness for themselves, verbally defend themselves and negotiate with others. The individualism idea inspires inclusivity because this idea is something that is strived for in American culture.