There are four specific parenting styles. I am going to focus on my own parent, my mother. My mother will fall under the Authoritarian style. According to the text, the authoritarian style means that a parent is low on responsiveness, but highly demanding. This style most accurately describes my mother and upbringing. As a child, my mother never really showed much emotion or affection towards me. This was very difficult to accept growing up. She would always tell me what I needed to do and I never had the option to give my opinion. She always had to have a sense of control, even to this day she still tries to control me. Growing up my mother always used the fact that she was my mother against me and that nothing she did was ever wrong or her fault. I was always faulted for even trying to speak up or give an opinion. I was told I was talking back, being disrespectful and that I needed to stay in a child’s place.

Because of my mothers authoritarian parenting style, she and I still have issues to this day. Our communication is horrible, which is common with this type of parenting style. When I was a child I was never able to talk to my mother. Towards others my mother is very social and outgoing, but when it comes to me, her child, she is very distant and controlling. This has affected me in many ways throughout my life.

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