Referencing the text, name 2 positive outcomes and 2 negative outcomes that come from visual electronic media use in childhood. Also referencing the text/research, if you were working with a parent who needed guidance on screen use for children, what information might you share?

The text discusses visual electronic media use in childhood and how it can both positive and negative outcomes. Let us look at television watching. One negative outcome of watching too much television before age 3 is having difficulty regulating attention later. Another negative outcome is that watching too much television takes away from other activities that are detrimental to a child’s cognitive development. A positive result would be that if a child is watching educational television his/her vocabulary growth before kindergarten will improve. Another positive outcome of using visual electronic media is that it allows a child to become more tech savvy which is needed in our ever evolving society.

If I was working with a parent who needed guidance on screen use for children I would need to educate the parent on the pros and cons of screen use. While electronic media can be beneficial to a child’s development, too much exposure can be harmful. I would advise the parent that the type of programs (educational versus entertainment) that a child is exposed to also plays a role in trying to decide how much screen use is appropriate for the child.

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