Reflecting on specific gender messages in your culture, clearly name 2 messages that are restrictive and 2 that inspire inclusivity.

Cite at least one supporting example from the text as evidence for your ideas.

In the United States, society formulates gender roles. In my cultures, like many others, males are seen as dominant and have the ability to to solve complex problems. For example, males are seen to be good at math because of this idea. Also males (boys) are the ones who are encouraged to play rough, but this not something that is acceptable for females (girls) as they are to be lady-like and not rough. There are also gender message that inspire inclusivity like . In American culture, individualism is encouraged. The text states that often children in the U.S. are encouraged to seek fairness for themselves, verbally defend themselves and negotiate with others. The individualism idea inspires inclusivity because this idea is something that is strived for in American culture.

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