Reflecting on our mid-term class self-assessment and mutual problem solving exercise, name at least one thing that YOU will do for the rest of the semester in this course to contribute to your personal learning experience and at least one thing that you will contribute to the collaborative learning experience.

One thing that I can do to contribute to my personal learning is read the chapters sooner in the week, I find myself waiting until a day or two before class to actually read the chapter. In doing this, I find it difficult to retain the information needed since each chapter contains a vast amount of information. Along with reading the chapter earlier int he week, I also need to manage my time better to be able to do this. Working full time,  being a parent and spouse and going to school is very challenging.

One thing I can do to contribute to the collaborative learning experience is to think more positively and try to understand other people’s point of view. I often find myself overwhelmed with the amount of material for the class and my thoughts are not always positive. I can also learn from my peers and their opinions even if they are different form my own. I want to be able to have more of an open mind and think more positively about the course and materials to enhance my learning experience and the experience of others.

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